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In planning your New Zealand hunting trip, Nigel & Myriam work closely with each enquiry to ensure you receive all the best options suited to your needs. Everything is flexible, with suggestions to make it work for you. The packages below are the most popular hunts over the past 20 years and are a great starting point for discussions. Packages are a guide allowing you to customize.


Package Prices are in USD$ and include taxes. Prices are based on 2 hunters with 1 guide with twin share accommodation format. Prices are subject to change due to a variety of factors, including exchange rates. All details provided at the time of enquiry. Anything is possible, we customize a package to suit. All Red Stag Scoring is based in the SCI system, other species are best available.


Hunting with Backcountry New Zealand


...The landscapes blow your mind, the air is so clear and crisp, then you hear it for the first time… The unbelievable rutting roar of the Red Stag. Looking at each other with uncontainable smiles, satisfaction takes hold. You’re stalking Red Stag in Middle Earth! And Red Stag in New Zealand is on the bucket list of most hunters.


As your senses absorb the new smells, vegetation types, birdsong and that interesting accent being whispered by your guide, that list becomes a reality. The pounding heart in your chest increases as you hear the stag roaring and their rutting smell drifts along in the mist. Yet to catch a glimpse of those massive heavy timbered antlers, your excitement levels are almost maxed out.


The clash of antlers directs spotting scopes and binoculars to a tussock clearing on the edge of a forested gully. Your first Red Stag in the flesh is a sight that you will never forget. Containing your excitement, your guide explains that he wishes to show you many stags over the coming day or two due to their individuality and uniqueness. "You will know when you find the right one, it just happens... no rush on the first morning. Let's have some fun!”


This isn't a hunt experience where you are based at a lodge with other guests and sent out each day with differing guides. Nor are you arranging your hunt through agents, third parties and travel consultants who all take a cut and can often innocently miscommunicate purely because of the number of people involved. When you finish your hunt, Nigel & Myriam continue to look after you, showing you interesting parts of New Zealand's South Island, including Lord of the Rings locations. You will not be left in a lodge to just fill in time!


Nigel & Myriam are a strong family unit that does it all, dealing directly with you from start to finish, with your hunt being exclusive, following their 'one hunt at a time' policy.  They provide you with all the options during the planning phase. They arrange your hunt, pick you up at the airport, and have built the amazing accommodations to cater for hunters. Owning their 3000+ acre hunting block is an important part of managing great animal populations and getting the best out of trophies, along with the exceptional 8500 acre and 49,000-acre hunting blocks utilised for alpine species.  Both Nigel & Myriam will guide and teach you about the hunting, only bringing in their other great guides when catering for larger groups. In the evenings they dine and entertain you while inviting you to learn about their life, New Zealand's people, cultures and landscapes. A hunt in New Zealand purely doesn't come more personalised or friendly than this!

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